Eco Friendly Hawkesbury Accommodation

Eco friendly Hawkesbury Accommodation

Our Eco Friendly Initiatives

The Retreat at Wisemans offers eco friendly Hawkesbury accommodation.  We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and are proud to have been awarded 4 Green Stars by AAA Tourism, the peak ranking body for hotels in Australia for our green initiatives. We have also won awards for Excellence in Environmental Management in both the Hills Awards and HMAA Industry Awards.

Our policies include the following:

The Retreat is not connected to mains water so we use micro filtration and reverse osmosis to produce all our potable water. All waste water is treated on site using an aerobic bacteria process and is then used to irrigate the grounds and golf course. All laundry is carried out on site thus reducing the need to use external water supplies and the carbon cost of transporting laundry to/from outside contractors. All soaps, detergents and chemicals used at the Retreat are phosphorous free.


The Retreat has replaced existing energy hungry incandescent light globes with more energy efficient fluorescent globes.


All paper and cardboard is separated and taken to specialist recyclers.  Similarly all glass and plastic is separated for recycling.

Food supplies

We have a policy of using the freshest local produce. Not only does this enhance the quality of the food we serve but also reduces the food miles travelled to reach the plate and thus the level of carbon emissions generated.

River banks

The Retreat has about 500m frontage to the Hawkesbury River. In conjunction with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) the Retreat embarked on a riverbank riparian zone regeneration program. The objective was to stabilise riverbank erosion, remove non native/pest vegetation, improve fish habitat and to generally improve river quality. The program included bulk plantings of specially selected vegetation and the construction of river bank structures to decrease erosion and to encourage mangrove plantings.

We are very conscious of our responsibility to the environment and this is an integral part of our staff training program.